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The Drac

The Drac Novell International is an international festival for students and / or graduates in advertising or communication (up to 2 years after graduation). This is the only festival in the world dedicated exclusively to advertising students, linking the academic and professional world.

This year we celebrate the 22th edition and we want to internationalize it as much as possible. The main objective is to reward the work of students, who will highlight the quality of training provided by universities and schools of advertising and communication.  Moreover, Drac Novells aims to bring future professionals in communication to agencies and the professional world, providing their creations and works. The participation is international and free but it’s limited to advertising or communication students and alumni up to 2 years after graduation.

 This year 2019 the event is held at the Universidad Abad Oliba CEU on November 21st and 22th.

The Advertising Business Association is commited to the training of new generations. The festival rewards the effort made by students throughout the year. With this festival, the AEP demonstrates its commitment to the professional advertising world featuring the talents of young communicators. During the two days of the festival, attendees can attend conferences on advertising, workshops, the projection of a shortlist of the pieces submitted for the festival and finally, the awards ceremony.


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