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Who are we?

Advertising Business Association is an organization engaged in the development and defense of the advertising activity in our country. 

Since 1926 the advertising agencies have been grouped into an entity that has as its objective the defense and representation of the sector, professional and business support to its members and out ethical responsibility to society activity.

With all the vicissitudes that the Catalana business associations has lived in our recent history, the association-guild has set an example of continuity, loyalty to his principles and service desire. Its associates have all the information, support, management, promotion, connections, etc. They can make more effective the work of advertising agency.

We ship promptly information about the different administrations contests, we also send information to out partners promptly of any news sector interests, we have lawyers advertising experts in both On-line and Off-line, that help to prevent errors and problems in the development of campaigns on line especially. Moreover we have a Campaigns Registration to avoid plagiarism (we are certified to do so).

More information in the Associació Empresarial de Publicitat website.

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